Story of the Week: Prime Time

“Say it.”

The voice came out of the shadows as Rick Belson slowly opened the door to his dark office.

“Who’s in there?” He demanded loudly.

“Say it,” the voice repeated. It was a woman. Rick couldn’t quite place who it belonged to as he felt along the wall for the light switch.

The room was lit with harsh fluorescence, and he could see her clearly, standing beside the ficus tree next to his desk. Before him was a beautiful young woman wearing a sheer camisole top and no bra, her perky nipples peeking out beneath the shimmering fabric. He trailed his eyes down to admire her short skirt, and shapely legs. He knew exactly who she was…

“It’s me, Annabelle,” the woman said. “Now say it.”


“No, not my name!” She shot back sharply. “That word you couldn’t say on your show just now. I want you to fucking say it.”

Annabelle was an intern at the cable station where Rick Belson hosted his nightly political news show. She was the daughter of a prominent Republican senator, and she and Rick in the past had flirtatious discussions in the break room about Obama’s “birth certificate” and those ungrateful Occupy Wall Street deadbeats. But now, here was this brazen girl demanding something of him, a twisted smile on her lips. No one spoke to Rick Belson in this way. Even though he was the youngest anchor on the line-up, his show was the highest rated and, as such, he demanded veneration.

“Listen Annabelle, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have to go to a doctor’s appointment.” Rick brusquely grabbed his briefcase and started for the door.

“Is it a penis doctor?” Annabelle questioned, coolly.

“What?” Rick swung around, taken aback by this young woman’s behavior. She couldn’t be more than a few years younger than him, but still, she was just an intern.

Annabelle strode towards Rick, her fingers delicately grazing the bottom of her camisole. Damn her, Rick thought, why did her delicate nipples have to be so erect? It made it hard to focus on the fact that he was being verbally attacked.

“Your doctor,” Annabelle said, easing her stroll as she reached Rick. “Does he specialize in your penis? Because I have a doctor, but for lady parts. Tell me what I have, Rick. Say it.”

Ah! Finally Rick knew what this siren was up to. This whole exploit had to do with his coverage of legislation on the house floor that had taken place the previous week. He had spent the entire news hour dedicated to covering a particular senate representative who refused to use the “V” word on the floor when discussing a reproductive health care bill, stirring a lot of hullabaloo among the feminist types. Rick had argued that evening on-air that there was no place in politics for “private part” words, and if the representative didn’t want to say it, he shouldn’t have to. And no, the “V” didn’t stand for victory, it stood for…

“Vagina, Rick. I have a vagina.”

“Annabelle, I defend my position that the word is not for polite conversation.”

Rick watched as she took a few steps back, and leaned on his desk, provocatively. Annabelle took her right hand and began to softly rub her love mound with a delicately manicured finger. My God was she… masturbating? Rick had only seen this happen in the many pornographic videos he watched before bedtime.

Annabelle purred, “Would you prefer to call it a pussy? Because that’s slang, you know.”

“I… I don’t think you can say that on TV…”

“But you can say vagina.”

“Annabelle, I…”

“Don’t you want to fuck it? How can you fuck it if you can’t say it?” Annabelle slid her hand under her skirt and moaned. “Because if you learn how to say it, maybe I’ll let you fuck my wet ‘V’ word.”

Rick was dumbfounded. What did this girl want? And more importantly, what did he want? Oh, he knew what he wanted. He was only 29 for chrissakes, and still had the drive of a tiger. Granted the ‘tiger’ hadn’t really had a chance to ‘roam the zoo’ lately, as it were. He was single, but so focused on his work that he barely had time to date. A girl as sexually assertive as Annabelle was completely new to him.

“You’re staring at it,” Annabelle cooed. “You’re staring at it with my finger inside, rubbing it around, getting it all nice and wet for your cock. But I need to know that you’ll say the word.”

My God, Rick was aroused. He wanted nothing more than to push her back on the desk, pull that skirt down and bury his cock deep inside her. But there she was, toying with him. He would not relent. He stood by his ground, and no vixen was going to make him change his values.

“Annabelle, I… you should go…”

“Lock the door.” Annabelle demanded.

Rick was exasperated. “And why should I?”

“Because you’re a fucking hypocrite. A sexy, fucking hypocrite.” She smiled, hopped off the desk, and sauntered past him. His heart skipped a beat when he heard the CLICK on the door, and felt Annabelle’s body behind him. She wrapped her arms around his front and began to move her hand down to his trousers. He could barely breathe as she spoke, his dick getting harder and harder.

“I know about you,” cooed Annabelle as she slid her hand inside his khakis. “I know about the affair you had with your boss’s wife. So that means that you like to fuck. And guess what? I like to fuck…” Annabelle wrapped her soft hand around his thick, growing flesh. “And there’s nothing worse than a guy who likes to fuck but who can’t please a woman. Do you know how to please a woman?”

She was now stroking him, from the base of the shaft to the soft top, circling the tip lightly before plunging back down. She had him. He couldn’t move. He was willing to do anything… anything.

He took her hand out of his drawers and turned around to face her.

“I want you,” he whispered before leaning into her neck and planting light kiss.

Annabelle gently pushed him back, and slowly led him to his giant mahogany desk. She turned around to face him and pulled her camisole up, revealing her soft bosoms. As Rick put a hand up to caress one, she smacked it down.

“Not yet,” she whispered.

Annabelle then removed her skirt and panties in one motion. Now she was standing naked in front of Rick, her body tight and toned.

He traced every inch of her young, supple figure with his eyes and felt the swelling in his trousers. Rick walked over to Annabelle, effortlessly picked her up and sat her on the desk. Leaning in, he wrapped his arms around the small of her naked back and began consuming her neck with his lips. Annabelle pushed his head down and he obediently began nestling his head between her nipples. With a shocking pain, he felt her hand grasp the top of his head.

“No. I want you to fucking lick my pussy.”

She pushed down harshly and pressed his head into her moist opening. Rick wanted to drink every bit of her as he lightly flicked his tongue up and down her clit slowly, feeling Annabelle squirm pleasantly from his masterwork. He loved feeling her body rise and fall blissfully between his face, his hands gently caressing her buttocks. My God, was it an incredible sensation.

After a few moments, Annabelle’s breathing heightened and she groaned with delighted relief. Rick lifted himself on top of Annabelle, about to burst with ecstasy. He wanted to make love to this woman more than he had wanted anything in his life.

“Get inside me,” Annabelle whispered harshly into his ear. He could smell the sweet lavender perfume on her neck that was now permeated with sweat. Rick unzipped his trousers, and hastily pulled down his boxers to release his stiff member. He halted for a second.

“Are you on…”

“Whore pills?” Annabelle queried with a sly grin. “It’s called birth control. And yes, yes I take it regularly for my polycystic ovary syndrome.”

Rick had no idea what that even meant, but he didn’t care. He gently brought his hands to her face before plunging his manhood deep inside her.

And there, on Rick Belson’s desk, the two made love.

Minutes later they lay naked, draped in each other’s arms. This was so beautiful, so erotic, Rick thought, as he stroked the small of Annabelle’s smooth back. It certainly was the most passionate coitus he ever had with a woman lady.

Annabelle smiled into Rick’s shoulder before she gently pushed him off, and knelt down to grab her clothes.

“Can… can I see you again?” Rick queried softly, leaning against his desk as he watched Annabelle dress.

“Maybe. But only if you say it.”

Annabelle reached for the doorknob, released the lock, and opened the door slightly before turning around.

“So you better.” Annabelle said.

Rick heard the heavy noise of typing on keyboards and cell phones ringing from the office outside. He pulled his pants up and swept a shaking hand across his sweaty brow.

Rick took a deep breath before surrendering to the word. “Vagina.”

Annabelle tossed her head triumphantly, and turned to him one more time before she exited.

“You’re goddamn right it is.”