Story of the Week: Door to Door

Kayla pressed her head on Thomas’s stomach and listened to him breathe as he slept. It had been at least a month since they made love – he had been too busy at work to focus his energies on her, and even when he was home on a rare early night, his concentration was always on his job on the Senate floor. Kayla tried to be understanding of her husband’s stressful career. He was, after all, fighting for what she had been brought up to believe in: family, faith and economic justice. Oh, how important he made it all sound, she thought, as she wished she could see him as his constituents did. A brave fighter. A service man. And she was proud. But even wives had needs, and while understanding, Kayla wanted to show him how much she admired him by making him feel like a man. It would certainly make her feel more like a woman.

They had been married for 20 years, and, aside from one oversight in high school, she was basically a virgin when she married him. They were both enraptured with each other, two young teenagers in love, and after four months of dating, he asked her to be his bride. She always felt guilty for not being completely honest with him about her not being chaste, but that one night with motorcycle Billy had meant nothing. She felt lucky to finally meet a man who wasn’t only “after one thing”, as her mother so aptly put it. And on their wedding night, Kayla knew she had made the right decision. When they consummated their union, it wasn’t just sex in a bike garage, it was love making. They had never had any serious problems in the bedroom, and produced beautiful twin boys who were now away at college.

However, as Kayla felt his soft chest hair against her cheek while Thomas’s torso rose up and down in restful slumber, she started to think about how things changed. Oh, she knew they would – she had been privy to the whisperings of other married friends and had consulted many a magazine. But as her mind drifted to thoughts about how long it had been since he had taken her – really taken her – Kayla started to worry. She decided at that moment to be the aggressor – be like him 20 years ago! And so on that crisp October morning in their marriage bed, Kayla started stroking Thomas’s nipple softly and kissed him below his cheek, hoping to pleasantly awake him.

The arousal she had been expecting moved to a different kind of rousing as Thomas swatted at her head.

“Umsleepngrh,” he grunted, and pushed her head away before rolling over on his side.

Kayla tried not to take it to heart. He was sleeping, and she instantly felt bad about attempting to wake him. What was she thinking? Was she planning on going below the sheets and stroking his cock to make it hard? Was she going to put her mouth on his member and take him in with wanton passion? Straddle him like a cowgirl and ride him to ecstasy? No. That only happened in silly novels she had thumbed through, or movies about desperate hookers. No. Her husband had the right to sleep. He was too busy these days to be worrying himself about tending to her. No. Maybe when they went on their vacation in a few weeks he’d find her desirable again. Maybe when he realized how sexy she looked in the new lingerie she had just ordered online. She’d let him sleep, so he could arise rested to fight for the good people. “My little Superman,” she chuckled to herself, and rolled over on her back and waited for the alarm to ring.

“Well if it’s gonna be another day of listening to hot air, I should start bringing some mylar balloons to work,” Thomas said, laughing at his own joke, as Kayla went over his suit shoulders with a lint brush.

“You’ll be great today.” Kalya patted him on his arm and leaned in for a kiss. Thomas moved his head to the side so she caught his cheek.

In the hallway Thomas finished putting his coat on and picked up his briefcase before turning back to Kayla who was pouring herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

“Baby, I’ll be late coming home today. So eat without me.”

Kayla smiled weakly. She was the wife of an important figure, and this was part of the job. But as she heard the door slam and the car ignition start to rev up, Kayla felt her lips curl excitedly for another reason… it was Tuesday, the day that nice young man from Greenpeace always stopped by to canvas her neighborhood for donations.

This relationship started innocently enough – she had let him in several weeks ago after watching her neighbors shun him curtly, even rudely sometimes, slamming the door in his face when they did deign to answer. She had felt bad for him, as she watched go from house to house from her window, admiring his dedication. Yes, she did not agree with his politics. She firmly believed everyone should take care of their own communities, so why give to a charity that probably just spent it all on “saving whales”? Kayla has once seen a whale at the aquarium with her boys, and it certainly didn’t seem to be suffering. But she admired this young man’s commitment. At least he wasn’t lazy like all those other scrappy liberals on the nightly news.

So when the well dressed young man approached her door that first day, she let him in.

“Hello, I’m David,” the young man stated politely. “I’d appreciate a moment of your time to talk about the environment.”

“It’s hot outside. Would you like some water?” she offered innocently.

Since then, she had looked forward to his Tuesday afternoon visits, but always asked that he leave at five lest her husband came early. She never gave him any money and there certainly was no funny business about him being there, but she knew her husband wouldn’t approve of him being in their house. Beggars! He had often grunted when the topic of those “clipboard people” came up at parties.

But David was different. He was clean cut, smart, and if she were in her 20’s like him, she might even say that he was handsome. His tall, fit physique reminded her of those baseball players she observed whenever her husband watched sports on television. His soft brown hair was neatly trimmed, and his fair skin magnified the brilliant blue of his eyes. When David smiled, which was often, his mouth was humorous and kindly. And every time he spoke, his confidence exuded a curious masculinity.

Kayla was rather confident in her own looks. She certainly took better care of herself than the other housewives and mothers in the neighborhood. She attended spin classes thrice weekly and practiced yoga, which complemented the dancer’s body she had maintained from years of ballet as a girl. She had only recently found some grey hairs, but overall her thick, dark hair hung in graceful curves over her shoulders. Kayla took pains to be beautiful for her husband, but often felt that he never really noticed. David, however, always made a point of telling her how lovely she looked, even when she was barely wearing any makeup.

She looked at the clock – it was just past 10. My, she had a lot of work to do to get the house ready for her visit, and maybe today she’d give David just a little bit of her money from the petty cash her husband gave her. After all, whales were glorious creatures. What could a little donation hurt?

The large pendulum swing on the grandfather clock struck four o’clock and, sure enough, there was a polite rap on the door. David had learned early that the loud doorbell set off her two corgis into a hysterical barking fit.

Kayla straightened herself up in front of the hallway mirror, and smiled at her reflection. She had taken a few extra pains that day to look nice. As it was warm out, the short halter dress she had thrown on was certainly weather appropriate. Kayla walked to the door.

“Hello, David.” She smiled as she extended her arm towards the living room. “Come on in!”

“Hello Mrs. Callaway,” David said, an easy grin playing at the corners of his mouth.

“Please, call me Kalya.”

“Ok, Kayla.

A shiver of delight danced down her spine whenever he said her name. The kind timbre of his voice always made her feel at ease.

They sat at their usual spot in the living room on the large sofa, and David opened his notebook.

“Kayla, I know you aren’t interested in giving money, but I thought today we could talk about the endangered bonobos.”

“What?” Kayla giggled like a student who had not studied for a test. “I don’t know what those are…”

David chuckled. “I’m sorry. Bonobos are chimpanzees. They’re actually fascinating creatures.” David scooted closer to Kalya pointing to the literature he had brought, an excited tone in his voice. “Did you know that bonobo society is female dominant? It’s really interesting.” He pointed to a picture of a very large ape. “That’s the head of the group, and it’s a female. See how she’s sitting on the tree, while the males look up to her?”

Kayla stared at the picture incredulously. There was the female bonobo, but it looked as if she was straddling a large pink protrusion above the tree trunk.

“What is that?!?”

“Oh,” David blushed a bit. “Those are her… genitals. Um, sexual intercourse plays a major role in bonobo society.”

“Well, it looks like it has to!”

David laughed, then cocked his head with a titillating gaze. “Bonobos use sex as a way to greet, communicate, and even resolve conflict. Can you imagine if we did that?”

“It would be a whole different world!”

David turned a page. “See, look, here they are engaging in oral sex. It’s not very common in the animal kingdom to see that. I’ll bet they’re just getting to know each other!”

Kayla could feel the hot blood rushing up her face as she patted her hot cheek. Why, he was basically showing her pornography, she thought, as her eyes trailed the photo of a bonobo standing tall as it received oral sex.

David leaned over and whispered, “That’s a female getting head.”

Kayla gasped, not just at the graphic language that this young man had used, but at the hot, prickling sensation that had started to consume her lower womanhood.

“It’s… just so…”

“Sensual?” David offered before closing the notebook and leaning into her flushed face.

Kayla was frozen, but she could not take her eyes off this young man’s cerulean eyes, piercing her from inside. What was happening?

A soft finger came up to Kayla’s cherry lips, and David tenderly rubbed along the base of her mouth.

“Is this okay?” he whispered, his eyes locked on her.

“Yes,” Kayla exhaled, shocked by her own submission. She hadn’t felt this desirable since that night in the motorcycle garage with her high school lover. Suddenly, she wanted to do everything those chimps were doing in the pictures. Everything.

David leaned in, and for a brief second, all she could feel was his hot breath on her mouth before he closed his lips onto hers. He drank her in, kissing her softly, then harder, pressing his hand up against the nape of her neck into him. His warm tongue traced the soft fullness of her lips, before parting them with a thrust of his warm tongue. She moaned, her body aching for everything he was doing to her. She wanted him everywhere, and guided his hand to her soft, yielding breast. He pulled his head back and smiled, his face flushed.

“I want to go down on you.”

Kayla had not had “that” since her husband’s feeble attempts many years ago. She knew it was wrong, but her body ached so much for his touch, she couldn’t control herself.

Taking her silence as consent, David tenderly pushed Kayla down on the couch, and pulled her dress up, all the way over her head, and threw it on the floor. Now he was on top of her, and she could feel his excited member growing against her thigh.

“David,” the word barely escaped her lips. “Take me.”

He smiled, and pulled his shirt off. His sculpted torso was hairless and toned. He looked just like he had imagined all those times she had curiously traced his form fitting shirts with her eyes. He leaned down and slowly began kissing the nape of her neck, down to her soft breast, and within seconds her bra was unbuckled. David took his time to carefully nuzzle each bosom tenderly yet confidently, suckling on her nipples, causing her to moan uncontrollably.

He then moved his body down towards her throbbing nether-region. Never before had Kayla felt so wet down there. David put his mouth on her soft cotton panties and wrapped his lips over her mound. Kayla gasped. He slowly removed her underwear, and ran a soft tongue over her clit. She began to rock with him as he seamlessly sucked on her pleasure nub while stroking the inside of her wetness with his fingers.

At the brink of climax, David stopped.

“I want to fuck you until you come. And then I am going to come, deep and hard inside you. Will that be ok?”

Kayla could barely breathe. As she nodded enthusiastically, she didn’t care at all about what was about to happen, so long that it happened. Now.

David unbuckled his khakis and pulled down his boxers. She took a peek at his long, thick member and moaned again when he drew himself on top of her.

“Now?” David asked, teasingly, before gently kissing her neck.

Kayla knew she was about to come at any moment, and she wanted nothing more than to be filled by him. She wrapped his legs tightly around him, and surprised the both of them when she grabbed his hips and pulled him closer. His large cock thrust easily into her, and she cried out from the intensity of its size. Never before had she felt so much man inside her. He began thrusting slowly, and she rocked her hips welcoming him, until neither of them could bear it anymore. She felt hot waves of pleasure explode as she let out a guttural moan. David held her as she came again, harder this time, wanting nothing more than his cock to somehow get even deeper, as she clasped him tightly with her thighs. Then he started moving again, thrusting harder, grunting with every plunge, until he groaned and she felt him climax. He groaned again, and pressed harder into her, sweat dripping from his flushed face. Then, he collapsed on top of her, both of them breathless.

It seemed like they lay like that forever when David lifted up his head from her shoulder. He smiled.

“I didn’t really expect that. I hope I didn’t come on too strong”

“Trust me, you came strong enough.” Kayla grinned at him, and swept a sweaty lick of hair from his forehead.

“I really do believe in saving the environment.”

“I can see you are very dedicated to your cause.”

David suddenly looked worried. “Would it be okay if I came back next week? I can understand if…”

Kalya put her hand on his mouth. She had never felt more in control of her life than she did at that moment. She furnished David with a coy smile.

“I’d love to hear about the rain forest next time.”